Show 77: Child Obesity

Child obesity is a heavy problem in the country and  our state is no different - one in three children in Alaska enter kindergarten overweight. Kids who are fat can have serious, even fatal, health conditions, they get picked on and they don't feel good about themselves. Sick and teased with low self-esteem - that's no way to be young! That's why this time we're talking about preventing childhood obesity and overweight, plus we'll look at eating healthy in the bush and staying active throughout the year.

IN-STUDIO GUESTS: Joining host Shana Sheehy in the studio are two guests this time. 

• Dr. Gary Ferguson serves as the Director of Wellness and Prevention at the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC). He also is a staff doctor at Avante Medical Center. He obtained his doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine in 2001, and has been working in the Alaska Tribal Health System for the past 11 years.

• Karol Fink is the program manager for the State of Alaska Obesity Prevention and Control Program. She has been a Registered Dietitian for almost 20 years and has a Master of Science degree in nutritional science from the University of Washington. She started her public health career 16 years ago at Providence Seward Medical Center. 


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- Farm-t0-School Changing Lunchtime in Alaska - School lunches are designed to meet federal nutrition guidelines, but plenty of parents consider them far from healthy. Across the state, efforts are underway to try to get more fresh, local food incorporated into school lunches, increasing the health value, the taste and the market for local food producers. KTD contributor Jessica Cochran has more.

- Healthy Futures Alaska is Active this Summer - Your kids may have brought home their exercise logs at some point during this last school year - it's all part of the Healthy Futures Program and although the school year is wrapping up, we found out that they are keeping up the activities all summer long. KTD Producer Sarah Gonzales spoke with the program director, Cindy Norquest.

- Chef KTD: Lighter Mini-Cheesecakes - We asked our Chef KTD Liz Madsen for a "healthy version" of a kid-friendly dessert recipe and she showed our producer, Sarah Gonzales, how a few key substitutions can make for a healthy mini-cheesecake with berry compote - with less fat and minimally-refined sugars. [Recipe, photos + audio here]



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