Capitol Letters: Keeping Busy, Getting Through February

T.S. ELIOT WROTE "April  is the cruelest month" but February is the hardest month for me here in Alaska.

The quick solve to this problem would be to vacation during this month. Unfortunately my current work-commitment does not allow me to escape during this month. I do what I can to make it through and do my best to disguise my struggle from my family.

Cold swinging!

As February goes this year’s has been fairly mild.  The clouds have disappeared for a number of days. We have experienced many days with direct sunlight. The temperatures have warmed-up enough for outside activities to be comfortable. I have even taken the time for some outside running which is an activity I enjoy.  The snow and rain have been reserved. The five plus minutes of daylight gain per day have been noticeable and added a spring to everyone’s step. This month of the year has still been a battle of cabin fever and the strong desire to be less encompassed in wet black and dark gray.

At least the ocean never freezes up!

Just because this month has been a struggle has not stopped the schedule of my commitments to continue.  I still need to work full-time. My monthly meetings have still taken place.  Deadlines continue to demand my time and attention. The layers of logistics of our family are still a day to day dance of all parties involved despite my personal struggle!

February is a great time to learn to ski

Our youngest son reached his 6-month milestone this month. His personality is showing through more and more each day. We hosted a successful family Super Bowl party.  We have made multiple visits to our local pools. I had the opportunity to visit another Alaska city for three days and I had some moments to catch-up with good friends. We attended a party at our son’s daycare. My partner and I have been on two dates this month which is a record. My partner made a serious work deadline and her stress at the workplace has been lowered. Our oldest son just started ski lessons this past weekend and enjoyed the experience. This event alone gave me great joy. We have been on many outdoor outings as a family and paired-up with one another. We are now in the preliminary process of planning our summer family-vacation.

Yes this month has been full of activities, diversions, and events to look forward to in the future. This active, demanding, and involved family-life has aided me to get through this challenging month but I am still excited about its conclusion. March where are you?



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